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In the last decade, billions of dollars of loss occurred due to wildland fires in Canada and the USA.

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With our highly trained crews and custom-built Value Protection Units, Wildcat Fire Services is capable of protecting your assets: homes, business, industrial sites, agriculture and most other valuable effects.

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Covid 19 and Our Environment

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Over the course of the winter, we acquired a large 48’ trailer. With the help of our manufacturing division, we transformed it into this self-sustained environmentally-conscious Crew Unit. This Emergency Response Crew Unit comes complete with living quarters for up to 8 crew members. This mobile barracks comes complete with sleeping quarters, washroom and shower, a full kitchen as well as a large generator and holding tanks. Not only does this give us the ability to stay self–sufficient and away from the larger camps—lessening the risk of exposure to Covid-19 or any other illness—it also gives us the ability to stage closer to the fire/job site. This allows for an more immediate response while logistically cutting down travel expenses to and from location at the site, in turn saving costs for the vendor. Having this mobile unit also gives us the capability to Mobilize and Demobilize in a fast, effective and efficient manner. It gives us the ability to relocate in minimal time for any reason, whether that be a change in fire conditions, logistical orders or what have you.

We are also very excited to introduce our new custom build high volume long range Value protection sprinklers for greater coverage distance with the need for fewer sprinklers. These 1 ½” and 2” custom built sprinklers each have a radius of 50-80 meters and are ideal for large scale Value protection projects.

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Who We Are

Wildcat Fire Services Inc. is a privately-owned wildland firefighting and Value protection company based out of Bowden, Alberta

Our owner and Operations Manager, Larry Werner, who has recently retired as a District Fire Chief with Red Deer County Protetive Services, is a Structural Protection Coordinator with the Province of Alberta…

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Wildcat Fire Services

We are not limited to only providing protection to homes, we’re also capable of and experienced in providing fire protection to a wide variety of commercial operations.


Custom Manufacturing

Wildcat Fire Services manufactures custom built Value Protection Units to fit your needs. All V.S.P.U.’s are self contained ranging from 15’ enclosed trailers to semi-trailers.

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Be a Part of Our Team

Wildcat Fire Services hires on a seasonal/on-call basis. Our employees are all required to have first-aid/CPR, ICS-100, and some firefighting experience as minimum qualifications…


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Personnel Deployed

Catastrophic Events In the Last Decade

“The highest-ever loss for a single year was $5.1 billion in 2016. Of the $5.1 billion, $3.8 billion was a result of the Fort McMurray wildfire in northern Alberta, which forced the evacuation of more than 80,000 people. The fire destroyed or damaged over 2,500 homes, buildings and thousands of vehicles, resulting in about 60,000 claims.

“Milestone losses of the past decade include hailstorms in Alberta during the summer of 2014 that cost insurers $558 million. They also include the Slave Lake fire of 2011 that ravaged a remote area of Alberta, causing $573 million in insured losses.”†

Personnel Deployed
In the past three years, over 3000 personnel have been mobilized per year in order to fight catastrophic wildland fires in Canada. Wildcat Fire Services has had a role in almost all major wildland fires in Western Canada since 2011.

Current WildFire Information

Saskatchewan does not currently have a wildland fire Twitter feed. Please visit this site for current wildfire information.

Wildcat Fire Services is contracted by or works very closely with these provincial governments:

The Provice of Manitoba
The Provice of Saskatchewan
The Provice of Alberta
The Provice of British Columbia