Value Structual Protection Units

Custom design of VSPUs made to your specification in order to protect what is valuable to you and your business.

Wildcat Fire Services is uniquely qualified to manufacture structural protection units built just for your requirements. Each of our SPUs are carefully crafted to meet your needs, whether your business is large or small.

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Fire Smarting

Wildcat Fire Services manufactures custom built Structural Protection Units to fit your needs. All S.P.U.’s are self-contained ranging from 15’ enclosed trailers to semi trailers. We work with our clients to satisfy both their safety needs and their budget, customizing the SPU as basic or as entailed as they require.

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Protect Your Assets

Whether large or small, Wildcat will work with you to modify and customize your S.P.U. requirements for:

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Fire Suppression

A Wildcat Fire Services representative will gladly meet with you to go over and discuss all the options available, special requests, and answer any questions you may have about your safety investment.

Unit 171t - Custom Built Structural Protection Unit

Structural Protection

Wildcat's custom built Value Structural Protection Unit is capable of protecting up to 150 average size homes/structures at a time. We are able to manufacture an V.S.P.U. for your needs from a small trailer up to the size of this 48' trailer.

Our VSPUs are manufactured with durability in mind, including solid components and organized for quick deployment.

Each order can be customized to suite the needs of your particular site.

The VSPU can be stocked with all required components, our staff can provide suggestions based on your needs.

When completed, all that is required is for you to hook it up and haul it to your site.

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