Preventing Loss

With decades of experience, Wildcat understands the pressures of dealing with the possibility of catastrophic loss. Our company provides an array of services for fire control, smarting, flooding and custom design of V.S.P.U.s in order to protect what is valuable to you and your business.

Wildcat Fire Services owner Larry Werner is one of a handful of people in Alberta qualified to oversee large scale value protection. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he is uniquely qualified to oversee and conduct operations and offer these services for the protection of your assets.

Larry Werner is a recently retired District Fire Chief with Red Deer County Fire, a Structural Protection Coordinator with the Province of Alberta and has well over 30 years of combined experience in Municipal, Wildland, Offshore, Industrial and Oilfield fire operations. Larry has, when assigned, taken on the role of Structural Protection Group Supervisor as well.

Larry’s variety of experience in the fire industry has given him the ability to custom design our sprinkler systems and our Value Protection Unit with the knowledge of what has the best success rate. Each job Wildcat Fire Services Inc. is assigned to, Larry is sure to customize the system set up for the best coverage and protection, ensuring the job gets done in the most effective and efficient manner possible while providing the best protection for the structures and valuable assets involved.

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Asset Protection

We are not limited to only providing protection to homes, we’re also capable of and experienced in providing fire protection to a wide variety of commercial and industrial operations.

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Fire Smarting

An ounce of prevention… Always a first, best step to keeping yourself safe.

We offer these consulting services to help assess risks for your home or business:

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Fire Suppression

WildCat Fire Services Inc. provides fire services and support for communities in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba:

Unit 171t - Custom Built Value Protection Unit

Value Protection

Wildcat Fire Services's custom built Value Structural Protection Unit is capable of protecting up to 150 average size homes/structures at a time. Our S.P.U. is fully enclosed and ready for immediate deployment.

Pump water

We have a full line of equipment and services for pumping large volumes of water

Hotshot Services

Wildcat Fire Services has units dedicated to hotshot hauling.

Wildcat at work

Fire suppression system

water reservoir fill